Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"I told the PM, we will fulfil your dreams of Swacch Bharat, Skill India and Digital India. We will do the work and you will earn fame when you go abroad"

Said : Arvind Kejriwal when asked what he discussed with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his meeting with him today, reported NDTV

Kejriwal said : "I told the PM, we will make Delhi sparkle within two years if you cooperate with us. All you have to do is cooperate with us. Political ideologies should not come in the way." 

Asked how PM Modi reacted, Mr Kejriwal said: "He heard us and said we will see."

In an open letter in June, Mr Kejriwal had clearly conveyed his displeasure over Prime Minister's use of the L-G to harass his government. In the letter he had also appealed to PM Modi to take steps to improve Delhi's deteriorating law and order situation or hand over police to the city government.
 "Delhi people have voted for us and the rest of the country supported Modi. So please let us run Delhi and you (Modi) run the country. Don't create trouble for us every day through the L-G. This is not being a good Prime Minister. Taking revenge for losing Delhi from people and AAP is not right" 
Mr Kejriwal has been directly accusing PM Modi for creating trouble in smooth working of his government's day-to-day affairs without mincing any words.

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