Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"$1000 Apple Gift Voucher, if you bought an Apple Computer before 1st Jan. 1990"

Said : GD Jasuja, Editor of F4Fnews, in his blog quoting key Apple watchers camped in Cupertino.   

There are hundreds of websites in the United States that process, manufacture, distribute and even recycle rumours exclusively related to Apple products, services and company's workplace. Some of them, somehow, have managed to win the trust of hundreds of thousands of die-hard Apple fans who have been twitterified as #Mad4Apple.

F4Fnews, which segregates 'fake news for fun' from the serious rumours, has reported a serious rumour that is nearly impossible to dismiss as 'rumour,' considering the logic behind it and also the track record of the world's most valued technology company.

If F4Fnews is to be believed, an historical offer from Apple is on its way for the company's oldest customers. Apple is giving away $1000 gift vouchers to all its customers prior to 1st January 1990. Of course, the offer is not without any rider. "The customers, located in any part of the world, will have to ship their old Apple computer back to the company HQ in Cupertino, USA." "Shipping charges will be paid by Apple, is another good news," says the F4Fnews post. 
“Even if this is a rumour, I think it’s a good idea for Tim Cook to implement this scheme as a reward to Apple’s 25 years old customers. Customers may not be the share-holders in the company but they certainly are the stake holders. And what a better way can be to reward such stake holders who posed trust in your product by investing their valuable resources 25 years back.” GD Jasuja   
Our sources, permanently camping near Apple HQ, inform us that they have verified this 'rumored offer' with the owner of the printing press who confirmed an order received by him for printing 100,000 gift vouchers of $1000 each. This indicates that Apple has allocated $100 million for their customers who bought company's computer 25 years ago. Apple's decision not to print the gift vouchers in China is too obvious. F4Fnews says: "This Apple related rumour can safely be elevated to the 'news' category because it is 99.99 percent true without any doubt. "The 0.01 percent is indicated in case the company cancels the offer before its announcement itself." 

F4Fnews, through its sub-contracted sources, has also given a likely list of Apple computers that would qualify for the $1000 gift. The offer could be limited to 100,000 customers on first come first basis or it might have some cut-off date (March 31, 2016, rumored).
Undoubtedly, this appears to be a rumour. But there has never been a good time for Apple to implement such a brilliant idea to give this sort of return-gift to those who became customers during company’s formative years. If Steve Jobs was the commander-in-chief, it would have been unthinkable but Tim Cook is quite a generous CEO. We can expect him to make this possible.” GD Jasuja
Tim Cook is expected to make the announcement of $1000 Gift offer on the eve of their customary September event, held every year to launch new products. This is going to be Apple's greatest announcement honoring their forgotten customers who contributed to the company's success by buying Apple computers when the company was still a child. The child has now grown up as the world's most valued and effluent adult who knows that the payback time has arrived.

Keep your old Apple computer ready for free shipping in exchange of $1000 gift voucher....

Thank you, Apple, for your generous offer. Finally you found some smart way to spend your some cash meaningfully.

Note : Writer of this piece wishes to clarify that he has two apple computers that would qualify for the above offer, hence stands to gain if the offer is really made. One Macintosh Plus and another Macintosh SE bought in 1987 & 1988 respectively. But this piece has been written without keeping in mind self interest of any kind. Readers are advised NOT to rush to buy used Apple computers in the hope of profiting from the offer which may or may not be announced. Not responsible for any speculative trading in old Apple computers in any way due to this piece of writing. Verify facts at the nearest Apple store before taking any action or making any decision.

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