Friday, August 7, 2015

"This is not Narendra Modi's government"

(Source : wikipedia)
Said : 77-year-old Rahul Bajaj, top industrialist and Rajya Sabha member, who also happens to be an admirer of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an interview with NDTV. 

"Recalling BJP's historic election victory, he compared Modi with an emperor who was crowned as India's Prime Minister on 27th of May 2014," reported NDTV. 

Bajaj further opined that the Modi government was losing the sheen it came with in power. He added that he is saying "what everybody is saying". "This is not Narendra Modi's government," NDTV quoted him saying.

Bajaj expressed his reservations about the government's new black money bill that offers a three-month window, or compliance period, to declare undisclosed foreign assets. 

According to him, the business community feels that the harassment by tax officials will continue even after the declaration and future prosecutions can't be ruled out despite government's promise that there will be no harassment by ITO and Enforcement Directorate.

Top industrialist and Rajya Sabha member Rahul Bajaj had strong words for the Narendra Modi-led NDA government, saying it was losing the sheen it came with after the historic win in the Lok Sabha polls last year. Watch him on NDTV show below.

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