Saturday, December 20, 2014

"India is a very rich fiancée"

Alexander Kadakin

Said : Russian Ambassador to India - Alexander Kadakin - at a press conference on December 8 to clarify that Russia was not jealous over President Barack Obama courting India, as reported by Douglas Busvine in Reuters' blog. Kadakin was probably referring to India's invitation to Obama for the Republic Day celebrations.

“We don’t feel jealous, though of course I say that India is a very rich fiancée. It is good for a rich fiancée to have a beautiful bridegroom. But they should not promise you a marriage and then betray you,” Reuters quoted Kadakin as saying.

The press conference was held to discuss Putin's visit to India on Dec 11 during which he is expected to unveil a bilateral vision document aimed at boosting trade and investment between the two countries, especially in the fields of nuclear energy and defense.

The blog notes that "Indo-Russian friendship recently has become strained as India relies more on U.S. and French companies to meet its defense needs." Russia has expressed its discomfort over India's over-reach to the United States by signing a defense cooperation pact with Pakistan recently.

However, Kadakin has been reported to have dispelled India's fears on military sales to Pakistan and speculations of any sort of Russia-China-Pakistan triangle formation in a new world order because of Delhi getting closer to US. He also assured that "Russia will never ever do anything to the detriment to the security of India, a close and old friend," reported Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury in Economic Times.
Talking heads: Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Russian President Vladimir Putin 
and US President Barack Obama during G20 Summit in Brisbane. PTI (Photo Source)
India's position is really tricky in the prevailing messy situation involving the three big powers namely, the US, China and Russia. It is going to be a sort of litmus test for PM Modi to demonstrate his policy skills to strike a balance which is in India's favour from a long-term view point. Any fiancée, rich or poor, has to get settled sooner or later by making a decision at some point of time. And, India cannot be an exception. We expect Modi to have India's choice quite clear.

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