Thursday, August 21, 2014

Clinton "will be very formidable" but "beatable."

Said : Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican vice presidential nominee in 2012, reported CNN in today's story "Obama 'third term' label concerns some with Clinton ties" by Dan Merica quoting Ryan's interview with USA Today.

"I think she is beatable because the record is not very good," Ryan said in an interview with USA Today. "I don't think people are going to want to have an Obama third term and no matter how she tries to shake that label, she won't be able to," said Ryan.

It is widely being believed that if Clinton runs and gets elected then her presidency would be nothing more than President Barack Obama's third term. CNN quoted Clinton's friend and a former aide as saying that the best way to go after Clinton was to use this against her : "If you like Obama, you will love Hillary."

"She was in his government, she was at his side," said the source. "That is, the way to go after her is four more years of the same old thing. The question they should ask her is 'Tell me 10 things that you disagree with him on.'
Adrienne Elrod

The "third-term Obama" question is expected to become a hot issue. Republicans would want voters to think Obama and a third term, not the third term of Bill Clinton who is still more popular.

However, defending Clinton strongly, Adrienne Elrod - spokeswoman of Correct the Record, a pro-Clinton communication and rapid response group launched last year in November - said : "As a leading voice in the Republican 'do nothing' Congress, Paul Ryan is the last person who should be dishing out political advice. Hillary Clinton is one of the most admired and trusted public figures in America and should she run for President, she will run on her own record and implement her own vision for moving our country forward," reported CNN.
Adrienne Elrod : I've taken a new position with Correct the Record, a new effort to push back against negative misinformation aimed at potential 2016 presidential candidates.
In June, shortly after Clinton's memoir "Hard Choices" hit bookshelves, the Republican National Committee released a video with the Web ad flashing a simple message : "Hillary, Obama's Third Term."

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