Saturday, October 19, 2013

The bionic man is built entirely out of synthetic body parts from 17 manufacturers around the world by assembling them together for the first time. The robot has about 60 to 70% of the function of a human. It stands six-and-a-half feet tall and can step, sit, stand and talk. It also has a functioning heart that, using an electronic pump, beats and circulates artificial blood, which carries oxygen just like human blood. An artificial, implantable kidney, meanwhile, replaces the function of a modern-day dialysis unit.

The Incredible Bionic Man : On display in
"Moving Beyond Earth" through December 11

Said : Rich Walker, Managing Director of London based Shadow Robot Company. According to the company's website, Shadow was the technical consultant for the project, responsible for designing the Bionic Man and the integration of parts from high-end manufacturers. Assembly began in August 2012 and took three months to finish.  The bionic man is the first-ever walking, talking “robot” or artificial “man” with a human face. The latest vision recognition algorithms from Shadow’s research projects were used, allowing the “Bionic Man” to locate, move to and grasp objects. The robot has a motionless face and virtually no skin. It is controlled remotely from a computer, and bluetooth wireless connections are used to operate its limbs.  "The people who made it decided to program it with the personality of a 13-year-old boy from the Ukraine," Walker said. "So, he's not really the most polite of people to have a conversation with."

A documentary titled The artificial "man" can be accessed on the Smithsonian Channel - a part of the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum where the bionic man is on display in "Moving Beyond Earth" through December 11 to showcase medical breakthroughs in bionic body parts and artificial organs. The Smithsonian Channel have put together a great interactive timeline entitled Rise of the Robots: A Sci-Fi History of Mechanical Men & Hybrid Humans, which includes Shadow's E1 Dexterous hand and the Bionic Man.

The video, here, produced by Troy Hauschild and titled "Explore the Million Dollar Man", shows the bionic man with an artificial heart capable of pumping 2.5 gallons of blood per minute. 

Rich Walker was at Comi-Con in New York last week to promote the Incredible Bionic Man built by Shadow Robot Company. Watch the video here to see Rich explaining the project to Mike Gambino from SilverCheeseTV.

Other video worth watching are : 

The Incredible Bionic Man : Meet the Bionic Man: a talking, breathing, walking man, made of the best prosthetic body parts and robotic technology available. 

The Incredible Bionic Man : Bringing the Incredible Bionic Man to Life

England's 'Bionic Man' Visits U.S.

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